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East Lawn Acres

Nancy Blair Meffe
Susan Ford Stevens
Steve Grandors
Dale Hearn
Terry Hill
Carol Johnson Wawrzyniak
Michael McLary
Barbara Pingel France
Pam Scott Studebaker

Kindergarten Class East Lawn Elementary School 1955-1956

Top Row Left to Right: Teacher Mabel Lunn, Michael McLary, Vicky Lara, Gregory Clymer, Cathy Wilson, Steve Grandors, Carol Johnson, Unknown, Adella Lara. Row 2  Left to Right: John Espy, Unknown, Dale Hearn, Catherine Wilson, Unknown, Penny Vaubel. Row 3  Left to Right: Linda Rykhus, Steve Ernst, Nancy Blair, Robert Teays, Nancy Beekman, Terry Hill, Unknown, Robert Wohlers, Sunday Hill. Bottom Row  Left to Right: Susan Ford, Patrick McGruder, Sally Zuspann, Unknown, Unknown, Anna Zuspann, Unknown, Barbara Pingel.

East Lawn Elementary 1st grade class 1956-1957

Top Row L-R: Linda Rykhus, Terry Hill, Nancy Beekman, Carol Johnson, Jackie Peck. 2nd Row L-R: Unknown, Sunday Hill, Barbara Pingel, Dale Hearn, Michael McLary. 3rd Row L-R: Nancy Blair, Steve Grandors, Unknown, Anna Zuspann. Bottom Row L-R: John Espy, Greg Clymer, Patrick McGruder, Adella Lara, Vicky Lara, Penny Vaubel, Robert Teays.

East Lawn Elementary
Combined 2nd Grade (Class'69)
3rd Grade (Class'68)

Top Row L-R: Barbara Pingel, Lois Nickelson, John Espy, Jacqueline Gahan, Greg Clymer, Susan Johnson, Gary Hively. 2nd Row L-R: Linda Rykhus, Dale Hearn, Nancy Beekman, Becky Ackerson, Ellen Lingreen, Steve Grandors, Carol Johnson, Julie Lumsden, Larry Ackerson. 3rd Row L-R: Shirley Summers, Adella Lara, Unknown, Judy Grandors, Velma Petersen, Genevieve Bouwie. 4th Row L-R: Anna Zuspann, Jackie Peck, Jackie McDermott, Sunday Hill, David Lara, Mary Messerly, Vicky Lara.

Special thanks to Classmate Dale Hearn for letting us use these pictures of his and putting names with the faces. If you are able to supply any of the "unknown" faces with names - please email us at: info@fdsh68.com