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Photo courtesy Mr. Roger Natte & The Webster County Historical Society

The very early education in Badger began in a grainery on Patrick Mitchell's farm with Susan Calligan as the teacher. In 1862, the Houge School was started on Houge land in Section 3. Later a new school was built in the northwest corner of Section 8. This became Houge School District 3. In 1863 a school was built in Section 13 on the Maher land. Later a wooden structure was erected in Section 19, which became District 4. By 1885 there were seven schools in the township with an enrollment of 100 children and many adults who attended during the winter months.

The 10 rural districts, which existed for more than 80 years, educated hundreds of children in one-room schoolhouses that were heated by coal or oil. Students who wanted to attend high school either stayed in Fort Dodge during the week or drove to school with a student who was fortunate enough to own a Model T. In 1955 a new Central Elementary School was built in the southwest part of Knudson Park. All 10 rural schools were sold at auction. in 1966, Badger became part of the Fort Dodge School District. At that time, junior high students were bused to Fort Dodge, leaving only six grades in Badger. In 1985 the sixth grade was also transferred to Fort Dodge. In 1990, Badger Elementary School was closed amid much controversy. 

Information from: iagenweb.org

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