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Photo courtesy Mr. Roger Natte & The Webster County Historical Society

Carpenter School has the honor of being named for ex-governor Cyrus Clay Carpenter, the teacher of the first public school in Fort Dodge. In 1925 a bronze plaque of the Gettysburg Address was presented to the school by the Sons of Union Veterans and its auxiliary in cooperation with Carpenter’s Parent Teachers’ Association. The governor of Iowa in 1925, as well as the mayor of Fort Dodge, were present when the presentation was made. A picture of Governor Carpenter was presented to the school by the Carpenter family.
The school was completed in 1917. Since then the enrollment has more than doubled. The school close in 19?? and now serves as the home of the Early Childhood Center that provides childcare and afterschool programs for children from infants to age 12.
Source: fortdodgehistory.com

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