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Judy Drollinger Judith Kahealani Lynne (not married name)

Profile Updated: April 24, 2018
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Residing In
King City, OR USA
singer, teacher, personal growth coach
Kavi Bowen, born 1975
Hannah Bowen, born 1977
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School Story

A small group of us - my mother might have been the driver or it was B., because he was the first in our group to get his license and he had access to really nice cars to ride in.... - anyway, it was during the T P era, and we (should I name names?? ) decided to TP Dave Bass's house. We were quietly dropped off near Dave's house and stealthily made our way to the yard and started tossing the rolls of TP. We were well into it when Dave's dad came roaring out of the front door, stomping on the front porch - he was a big guy and it sounded like he was wearing army boots - Mr. Bass was bellering at us and we didn't know him, so I for one was scared that we were going to end up in the slammer. Fortunately, our get away car (I think Mom was driving) came quickly around the corner, swooped us out and we were free. Later I heard Dave report that his dad was roaring with laughter afterwards, that he thought it was really funny he had given us a good scare. I don't think anyone knew that my mom was involved in any of our exploits. There was a merry reveler side to my mom that most people probably didn't see. It certainly explains some of my behavior in my adult years, now that I think about it.

Life Story

I went to UNI, planning to get a music performance degree but discovered yoga and meditation, and left the cold, snowy January winter to attend a yoga retreat in La Honda, CA and never returned, except to visit. I got married to an artist in a hippie/yogi wedding on Mt. Tamalpais (covered by the SF Examiner), moved to England, 2 years later we moved to Minneapolis where my son was born, then back to the Bay Area where my daughter was born. during these years, i was a chant leader for a yoga group - leading 24 hour chanting sessions - and i studied North Indian Classical music with Ali Akbar Khan (cousin to Ravi Shankar). In 1979 we moved to Portland, OR where i took up midwifery and attended home births. After divorce, I rediscovered my love for singing. I spent 3 - 4 months in Southern France working with the Roy Hart Theatre, performed with the Portland Opera and numerous theatre groups, had church jobs, sang with the Dickens Carolers, acted with several children's theatre companies, Shakespeare in the Park, some commercials. Taught holistic voice, made a Lullabye recording, toured with my children's music program, taught meditation and transformative voice classes, workshops, and intensives. I moved to Hawaii and swam regularly in the local bays with wild spinner dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and Humpback whales. I also sang and recorded my "duets" with the whales. I studied with a Hawaiian kahuna, was filmed for a number of movie and television programs - sometimes i show up on the Gaia network, and several authors have written about their experiences with me. I'm working on my own book, but at this time it is still "in progress". I returned to Oregon in 2008, as I was experiencing mysterious physical symptoms, which 1 1/2 years later were diagnosed as Parkinson's Disease. Currently my condition is mostly stable. i am treating it with some PD drugs, plus boxing, acupuncture, qigong, sound healing / voice techniques, yoga, meditation, walking, hot springs, massage, chiropractic, herbs and supplements, and focussed diet choices. i have presented at several national Parkinson's conferences including the PD Summits in Cincinnati and Santa Fe and the World Parkinson's Congress last year in Portland. Currently I am putting together a PD performance choir, focussing on the joy of making music. In my spare time, I like to organically garden, attend soccer games and play with my grandchildren.